A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You only have 60 minutes to make the judge.
What would you do?
Fabricate the evidence, or make the righteous move? It is all decided by you,

Since I am  a high-school student from China, this game still needs huge amount of change.ASAP. Enjoy the game, and leave any comments which could help me improve the game.(Because I am currently applying to Universities, it's kind of busy lol)  

Install instructions

Download the zip file first and extract it. Double Click the icon "Judge" and start the game. 


JUDGE-Release-win.zip 90 MB
JUDGE v0.6 OS X.zip 94 MB

Development log


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Game is good, quite difficult. I was only able to solve the Literature evidence and after that I was unable to figure out what to do. Five stars


Hope you can leave me comments after palying the game!